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Headlights Service

Blow a headlight bulb recently? We're here to quickly replace it for you. Have your headlights dulled over time? Let a certified Acura Factory Trained Technician restore their peak brightness and make you safer while driving in the dark. Schedule an appointment today to have your headlights serviced by the professionals.

Every Service Includes

Quality Service by Acura Factory Trained Technicians Replacement Parts by Brands You Trust Easy Online Scheduling

Small Bulb Installation Service Package

Your vehicle uses several small lights for several applications like your vehicles turn signals and hazards lights. Walk around your car with the lights on frequently to check and see if any are burned out. If they are, one of our automotive experts near you can replace them.


  • Replacement of burned out bulbs
  • Outlet temperature analysis designed to determine cooling performance
  • System pressure check
  • Visual inspection of air conditioner components
  • Quick service by Factory Trained technician

Headlight Installation Service

Driving in the dark with burned out headlights is not only illegal, it's dangerous to you and other drivers. Have our headlight experts replace your burned-out bulbs today at an automotive repair station near you.


  • Increased driver vision and safety
  • Fast service by Factory Trained technician