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Crown Acura is a leading car battery service provider for Acura vehicles. Last year, our Factory Trained technicians installed more than 100,000 new car batteries made by Acura brand you trust. Use our online appointment scheduler today to have your car battery installed by an expert mechanic near you.

Every Car Battery Replacement Service Includes:

Removal and Recycle of Old Car Battery Cleaning of Battery Tray and Cable Terminal Ends Memory Saver Device to Maintain Electronic Component Settings 3-year Pro-Rated Warranty

Crown Acura Professional Car Battery Installation Service

Crown Acura car battery installation service is performed by Factory Trained Technicians to service all Acura vehicles - from a simple installation to navigating complex starting and charging systems. Our new car batteries are made by the Best in Class, most reliable Acura Brand. Our Factory Trained Technicians go farther to help you go further.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you replace a car battery?

On average, a car battery remains reliable for about three years. There are few factors that can lead to shorter battery lifespan. Things like taking an excessive amount of short drives, extreme temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit or below 10 degrees Fahrenheit and loose or corroded battery cables will drain your vehicles battery. If your vehicle’s battery is three or more years old, have your car battery tested to determine whether it’s time to replace. We recommend being proactive, so you’re not left stranded.

Why do you need car battery protection?

The Car Battery Protection Service is designed as a preventative countermeasure to remove corrosion on your battery cables and terminals when you install a new battery. Corrosion makes a car battery less efficient and can lead to a no start.

Why does corrosion develop on car battery terminals?

Corrosion on the negative terminal is typically the result of your car battery undercharging. Finding corrosion on the positive terminal is likely due to hydrogen gas produced by the acid in the car battery. The acid mixes with other atmospheric elements under the hood of your car, truck, or SUV and produces the corrosion.

Can car battery corrosion be cleaned, and power restored?

Yes, in many cases. Schedule an appointment to have your car battery terminals cleaned.