It’s Crown Acura’s Free New Owner Clinic and You’re Invited

It’s Crown Acura’s Free New Owner Clinic and You’re Invited

Thank you for choosing Dilawri’s Crown Acura. We appreciate the opportunity and hope you are enjoying your new Acura.  With that in mind, we are positive you would want to know everything you possibly can about your new Acura.


Shaun Proutt, the general manager at Dilawri’s Crown Acura wants you to know you’re cordially invited to attend the New Owner Clinic.


“Once every two months, Dilawri’s Crown Acura hosts a New Vehicle Owner Clinic for customers who have recently purchased an Acura,” Proutt explained. “This is an opportunity for the new owners to fully familiarize themselves with their Acura (however due to the Covid pandemic we have been unable to schedule this very important event) and Acura Certified technicians and members of our service and parts management team will be on hand to answer all of your questions.


At the New Vehicle Owner Clinic we will ensure:

  • You are introduced to our Service/Body Shop Management, Service/Body Shop Advisers and Acura Certified Technicians who provide information and answer questions relating to your vehicle operation.
  • You will be familiarized with routine maintenance schedules and enhancements of your Acura’s performance.
  • You will have a better understanding of how your new Acura functions. The vehicles are elevated on hoists which allow technicians to show and explain vital systems and components of your car. For example, brakes, shocks, engine, transmission, steering, etc).
  • We discuss safety-related items, your warranty, extended service coverage, our dealership facilities and equipment, special service tips, importance of genuine Acura parts, what to do when you need service, etc.


“Dilawri’s Crown Acura is committed to making sure Acura owners know how to take care of their Acura the best way possible,” Proutt said. “Learn things about your Acura you never knew and get the facts.”


The Clinic lasts about 90 minutes and the next one is scheduled from Nov. 26 and 6:30 p.m. at Dilawri’s Crown Acura, 1700-B Waverley Street.


And how good is this? Coffee and snacks will be provided.


Every Acura owner is invited. Even if you didn’t buy your car from us. Just call 204-272-7930 to book your appointment today. In 90 minutes, you’ll have all the facts and inside info on your brand new Acura.

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