Happy Retirement Brian Buckmaster

Happy Retirement Brian Buckmaster


Brian Buckmaster, Retired.

Since 1987, Dilawri’s Crown Auto Group has been called home for many including Brian Buckmaster. Over the 31 years of commitment to our team, he has created long-lasting memories across the group and our valued customer base. Brian has made a noticeable impact on the lives of the people who surrounded him, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to have had him as part of our team.


Getting to know Brian

Brian started his career in the automotive group around 1987 but at the original Winnipeg Honda alongside Ashok Dilawri. After working 10 years at that location and having learned many skills in the automotive industry, he became the General Manager at Crown Acura for a couple of years before taking some time off from the group. He later retired from Crown Acura.



What kind of skills did you acquire while working with the Crown Automotive Group?

Brian values the knowledge from all his time with the Dilawri family. He has learned a lot from Ashok and how he operates his business. “Ashok had a sign at Winnipeg Honda that said, “Our customers are our friends.” He said that this value is held in high priority when it comes to his people ever since the beginning.


What are your greatest successes and/or achievements?

Brian said it was the opportunity to learn from the best. He came from a customer service background, but his first management experience was under the Dilawri family. One of his biggest achievements was that he had the opportunity to learn from Ashok Dilawri.


What advice would you give to someone else looking to work for the group?

“It’s not just an automotive group, it’s the opportunity to work for the Dilawri family. They’re family first, they run their company the same way.” – Brian


What are you looking forward to the most in retirement?

“Slow down, have time for family.” – Brian

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