Happy Retirement Betty Geist

Happy Retirement Betty Geist


Betty Geist, Retired.

Since 1987, Dilawri’s Crown Auto Group has been called home for many including Betty Geist. Over the 31 years of commitment to our team, she has created long-lasting memories across the group and our valued customer base. Betty has made a noticeable impact on the lives of the people who surrounded her, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to have had her as part of our team.


Getting to know Betty

Betty used to work at a grocery store when her brother-in-law told her about an opportunity at the local Acura dealership, which at the time was owned by another automotive group. She quickly realized that her commute would no longer be a stone’s throw away from her house but decided to do it anyways and make the move into the automotive industry. After a few years with Acura, the dealership transitioned to the Dilawri family. At first, Betty was nervous about the transition but quickly realized the change was a positive one. Treated like family, she began to really love her job as a receptionist at what has become Dilawri’s Crown Acura.



What kind of skills did you acquire while working with the Crown Automotive Group?

Betty used to be quite a quiet individual when she first started working at the Acura location. After many years of experience within the group, she strongly values her growth as a people person. She said her position has made her appreciate people a lot more than ever before.


What are your greatest successes and/or achievements?

Betty, kept it short and sweet, saying “the fact I’ve been with them. I was someone they could always count on… they always made me feel important.”


What advice would you give to someone else looking to work for the group?

“One of the greatest companies to work for, they treat you fairly, you can be yourself.” – Betty


What are you looking forward to the most in retirement?

“I want to do some traveling.” – Betty

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