11 Must Haves For Your Emergency Car Care Kit

February 21st, 2014 by

When driving, oftentimes the unexpected can happen and it’s no fun to be stranded on the side of the road without emergency supplies. What follows is a list of tools and other items that can help in many situations and won’t take long to assemble.

  1. Jumper cables/Fully charged jump box. These are a must have and if you can, buy the really good ones. They don’t cost much more than the cheap ones and will work better and last longer.
  2. Four 15 minute roadside flares.
  3. Oil, antifreeze and whatever brand of transmission fluid your vehicle uses.
  4. First aid kit. Among other things your kit should include Band-Aids, bandage tape, antibiotic cream, scissors, aspirin, gauze and cold/heat packs.
  5. Flashlight. A solar-powered one is an excellent idea.
  6. Radio. If you’re able, purchase a hand-crank one with a USB port for a cell phone charger.
  7. Water and Snacks. Beef jerky, nuts and tuna are all good high-protein choices.
  8. Cash. You never know, right? Around $50 should suffice.
  9. Multi-Purpose tool. A good one should have things like a knife, file, cutters, a screwdriver and more.
  10. Tire Repair Kit. This includes the spare tire, a jack and a lug wrench.
  11. Gloves. Invest in a really good pair of gloves – you won’t regret it. Hand cleaner is also a good idea and an inexpensive socket/screwdriver is as well.

At first glance this list may seem like overkill or a little silly even but all of these things will help in a variety of different situations. Gathering all of these items won’t break the bank (you probably already have many of them lying around) and they should all fit it an old toolbox or gym bag.

Once you’ve assembled your kit, you can simply toss it in the trunk and it will always be there when you need it. Let’s hope you never do, but it’s always better to be prepared even if the unexpected never does happen.

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