Must-Visit Places Just Outside of Winnipeg

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     The sun is shining, the temperature is warming up! The best way to spend the weekend during the nice weather is taking a long, Sunday afternoon to nowhere in particular.



       Many people enjoy taking a leisurely cruise on warm days, but the difficult question is where should you go? Here is a list of places you can enjoy in Manitoba that is located a short distance outside of the perimeter.



Bird’s Hill Park

A half an hour drive is all it takes to venture out to this beautiful location. Drive over the Red River and through the city to take in one of Manitoba’s most popular parks.

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Just of an hour of driving will take you to Manitoba’s largest Icelandic community. Situated on the shores of Winnipeg Beach, this community has a long history of explorers and fishermen.


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A favourite of many CROWN employees, Hecla is a two-hour drive that is well worth the wait. Many people choose to spend the weekend here to take in the fishing and quest shores.










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Beaudry Provincial Park

A hidden gem in many cases, this small park is a 40-minute drive that can take you through the Assiniboine Forest, alongside the Assiniboine River, and finally ending in a small, nature-filled park.









Trappist Monastery Provincial Park

Twenty-Five minutes from Winnipeg, this park features the World Peace Pagoda, the La Salle River, and an old Monastery!

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Before you head out to make sure your vehicle is gassed up and in shape to take you and your passengers outside the city!

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